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If you buy soundcloud Bundle, it will be split across multiple tracks. Min 500 Plays, Min 100 Likes, Min 50 Reposts, Min 10 Comments

  • Bundle 1: 1000 Plays, 100 Likes
  • Bundle 2: 2500 Plays, 250 Likes
  • Bundle 3: 5000 Plays, 100 Followers, 250 Likes, 100 Reposts, 25 Random Comments
  • Bundle 4: 10000 Plays, 250 Followers, 500 Likes, 150 Reposts, 50 Random Comments
  • Bundle 5: 15000 Plays, 500 Followers, 500 Likes, 250 Reposts, 100 Random Comments
  • Bundle 6: 25000 Plays, 1000 Followers, 1000 Likes, 500 Reposts, 250 Random Comments
  • Bundle 7: 50000 Plays, 2500 Followers, 2500 Likes, 1000 Reposts, 200 Custom Comments
  • Bundle 8: 1 Million Plays, 5K Followers, 10K Likes, 1K Reposts, 350 Comments



Buy Soundcloud Bundle,

Buy Soundcloud Plays, Likes, Reposts, Comments & Followers.

Buy Soundcloud Reposts

SoundCloud Plays

SoundCloud is a audio streaming website for online audio listeners, this is why you should buy Soundcloud Bundles. Whether the audio be a song, instrumental or even a podcast, the number of users on SoundCloud has risen over the past few years!

Buy SoundCloud Likes

SoundCloud Likes

We are giving you the opportunity to buy SoundCloud likes, for cheap, with rapid delivery.

Buy Soundcloud Reposts

SoundCloud Reposts

A repost is somewhat a recommendation from the listener for your music to be put out there to others that may want to listen to it too. Every repost made increases the chances of you growing and your music reaching the world rapidly.

Buy Soundcloud Reposts

SoundCloud Comments

The comments delivered on the track will be posted by users of Soundcloud, thus therefore creating an increase in engagement and interaction on your profile.

Why buy SoundCloud Bundles?

SoundCloud Bundle is a combination of Plays, Likes, Reposts and Comments. All of them combined can bring life to your SoundCloud Channel.

We can also guarantee that the orders will be delivered within 24 – 48 HOURS! Yes you heard us! 24 – 48 Hours! One of the reasons why the SoundCloud Bundles have a high rate of returning customers it’s because delivery has not been any later than 24 hours usually!!! We still state 24 – 48 hours to account for any delays.


SoundCloud Bundles will come from variety of sources and accounts. The account users can be of any gender, age and could even be verified accounts, which may include celebrities!


If you was to buy this all these products individually, SoundCloud Likes, SoundCloud Reposts, SoundCloud Plays, SoundCloud Likes, you will be spending a lot of money. Hence why we’ve created the bundles for you!

You can still buy the products individually at SMBuys. Follow these links for SoundCloud Followers, Likes, Reposts and Plays.


Upon purchasing the bundle, we will process the order. The bundle can take anywhere between 24 – 48 hours to show on your track. We usually feed the SoundCloud products in increments so it looks organic.

If you Buy Soundcloud Bundle, who will benefit?

Artists, Podcasters, Musicians, Singers, DJ’s and Many More.


Does SMBuys need your SoundCloud login details?

No. We do not need your SoundCloud login details.
However we do need your SoundCloud track links. We will use the link to process the orders.

Does it actually take 24 - 48 hours?

Usually it only takes MAXIMUM of 24 hour to be visible on your tracks!
However we give enough time to make sure the orders get delivered properly!

How can you contact SMBuys?

Contact us for anything on or Whatsapp +447432688655

Why is the bundle better?

The Bundle is better because

  1. You save hell of a lot of money
  2. It’s simple and effective
  3. You don’t need to manually order individual products
  4. You have the opportunity split products within a bundle to different video links!

Additional information


Bundle 1 ($2.99), Bundle 2 ( $̶̸1̶̸0̶̸ $5), Bundle 3 ($18), Bundle 4 ($30), Bundle 5 ($40), Bundle 6 ( $̶̸7̶̸0̶̸ $55), Bundle 7 ($100), Bundle 8 ( $̶̸2̶̸5̶̸0̶̸ $200)

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