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Buy Instagram Views

What are Instagram Views?

When you buy Instagram views, you are buying video playbacks that state an audience(s) is watching your clip. When someone finds your video in search and clicks on it, the opened link will automatically start playing the video. This is known as a view. So it’s not necessarily how many times a person watches the video, it’s more based on how many different types of people around the world are clicking on the link to your video!

Buy Instagram Views
Buy Instagram Views

Why buy Instagram VIEWS

Buying Instagram Views are very effective and super innovative. You cannot wait all your life to get likes, because it might take months, years or even your whole life! We’ve served over a million of customers since the start of our social media marketing service.

SMBuys uses effective Instagram Views marketing technique to deliver the quantity of views you have ordered. We make sure the views we deliver on your video is carried out safely and quickly.

When you place your order, we will make sure you get the results you paid for and sometimes we like to treat our customers with surprise. For example, if you buy Instagram Views for cheap from us, say 250 views, we might give you 350 or 500 views just because we are nice people!!

SMBuys is an industry boss, leading our own way into this digital and social media marketing business. So what you waiting for? Select quantity and buy Instagram Views.

Who will benefit from Instagram views?

Our target is to get you’re the viewers you need to make yourself as an artist, vlogger or a cook popular within your target audience. Over time, the views will make sure your video increases in INSTAGRAM’s rankings and also appearing in many people’s searches. There is also a possibility that your video might even show up on Google search due to its popularity.

Whether you are an artist looking for a big record deal, actors looking to breakout into cinema industry, and models who are seeking opportunities to work with big brands like CK, LV, Gucci and so on. It’s not just them, anyone can use our service, streamers, chefs, hotels, car manufacturers, lawyers and charities to showcase their work and talent. Therefore, by buying Instagram Views for cheap price from us will give you that little edge over your competition.

Will my Instagram account be at risk when i buy instagram views?

Not at all. The Instagram Views will be delivered in increments so that Instagram assumes the viewers “watching” the video.

How we deliver your Instagram views?

Remember, the more Instagram Views you buy, you have a better chance of going viral. We usually process your order straight away, therefore seeking to deliver your views within the next 24 – 48 hours.

It’s not just Instagram Views, we also offer INSTAGRAM likesINSTAGRAM comments. If you are buying views, we suggest you purchase comments, to make the views look more realistic. The comments are custom, therefore you send us the comments, and we process it. It appears under your video on INSTAGRAM.

Why buy Instagram views from SMbuys

We, as SMBuys, provide the best of services compared to all the other sites out there. We are the finest providers of custom Instagram marketing services. You can:

  • Save time
  • Fast delivery, within 24 -48 hours
  • Secure and discreet
  • Your order will be checked manually

How to buy instagram views?

  1. Select the quantity
  2. Add to Cart
  3. At checkout, send your Instagram post link
  4. Pay using Paypal or your bank card
  5. Wait and see the magic

We also offer other social media marketing packages for Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud and Spotify. You can find good offers for Soundcloud on SMGains.

When will the Instagram views be visible?

Upon purchasing the views, we will process the order. The views can take anywhere between 24 – 48 hours to show on your post.

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Do we need your Instagram login details?

No. Therefore, we do not need anything from you, except your post link.

How long can the instagram comments take to show on the profile?

The views can take between 24 to 48 hours to be visible on your profile

How can you contact us?

For any queries, either use the contact us page, or email us on

Also do not forget to input your order number (if it’s related to an order).

Does my Instagram account need to be public?

Yes. The Instagram views will not process unless  your Instagram account is made public.

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