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what are instagram followers

When you buy Instagram followers, it represents any user who follows your account, with the ability to like, comment, view and share any of your posts.

buy Instagram Followers
Buy Instagram Followers

Why buy Instagram FOLLOWERS?

The recent studies have suggested that potential visitors to your Instagram page are 75% more likely to trust your brand and buy your products or services if you have a lot of followers.

When you buy Instagram followers, you are technically increasing your business or personal presence within the social media platform, gaining vast credibility and maximising your online reputation amongst the visitors.
When you buy Instagram followers from us, you are potentially entering new markets and audience. Therefore, your chances of increased revenue, sales and profits have now increased!

Having more followers with minimal Instagram likes makes your account posts look unbalanced in terms of interactions! Therefore instead of buying individual products, why not buy a Instagram bundle! Especially designed to give your profile a balanced look.

You may also want to buy Instagram likes and Instagram Comments. 

Who will benefit from Instagram followers?

Whether you’re an artist, student, social media freak, business owner or a person who travels a lot, or a person who loves vlogging and blogging a lot. When you buy Instagram followers, you are treating yourself to a whole new world of visitors!

However remember, having followers is not enough, therefore you should also buy Instagram likes and comments from us. It can benefit your post in many ways by making it look like it’s realistic. Visitors will not have any suspicion that you purchased followers or likes.

Will my Instagram account be at risk when i buy instagram followers?

Not at all. The followers will be delivered in increments so that Instagram assumes there are new visitors following your profile.

How we deliver your Instagram Followers?

Furthermore, we believe in results. As SMBuys, we believe that delivering in best timely manner can help our customers achieve their goals. When you buy Instagram followers, you will be asked to provide your Instagram username. We will then process the followers on your profile. The followers will show within 24 – 48 hours.

Why buy Instagram Followers from SMbuys

SMBuys understands your urgency. We know that you cannot wait to start making your page viral. Hence why we provide one of the fastest services online. We tend to delivery your followers within 24 to 48 hours when you buy Instagram followers from us.

You will notice our followers tend to kick in straight after your order sometimes! Sometimes it can come gradually. However, be confident in ordering your Instagram followers from us because we can assure you we will deliver the quantity you ordered and sometimes even more than you ordered!

How to buy instagram followers?

  1. Select the quantity
  2. Add to Cart
  3. At checkout, send your Instagram username.
  4. Pay using Paypal or your bank card
  5. Wait and see the magic

We also offer other social media marketing packages for Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud and Spotify. You can find good offers for Soundcloud on SMGains.

When will the Instagram followers be visible?

Upon purchasing the followers, we will process the order. The followers can take anywhere between 24 – 48 hours to show on your post.

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Do we need your Instagram login details?

No. Therefore, we do not need anything from you!

How long can the instagram followers take to show on the profile?

The followers can take between 24 to 48 hours to be visible on your profile

How can you contact us?

For any queries, either use the contact us page, or email us on

Also do not forget to input your order number (if it’s related to an order).

Does my Instagram account need to be public?

Yes. The Instagram followers will not process unless  your Instagram account is made public.

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