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Rags to Riches – The Entrepreneurs

Eternal Memories Photography

One of the best photography companies in London. Their network of clients has grown over the past few years varying from students to elderly. They have covered a variety of events such as birthday, weddings, registration ceremonies, proposals, boat parties, university events and corporate events too. You can find out more about by visiting their Instagram @eternalmemoriestm or visiting their facebook page on eternalmemoriestm. Find out more about their journey here!


The family run fitness apparel brand is on the rise in the United Kingdom with over 20,000 Instagram followers and more than 350 orders per week. Even though their main distributor depot is based in the United Kingdom, they ship globally, with orders all around the world! Check their site out and their outfits! Remember to get rich over time, a healthy mind, focused mind is required, but in order to do so, a healthy physique is also required! So get your GymJams and head off to gym!

Divinemethod Photography

The multi-award winning Canada based photographer who’s photo are literally mesmerizing. You’ve got to check his work out. Has Divinemethod Photography gone from Rags to Riches? Can’t say. But their work is always rich, rich in detail, creativeness and artistic. So you don’t have to be financially rich, you can be creatively rich too, therefore bringing more clients, leading to more money generated.


Impressions by Annuj offers couples a chance to safeguard the most valuable recollections all through their big day. Contemporary photography styles offer a total end-to-end arrangement used to catch each prior minute, amid and after the wedding. What’s more, Impressions likewise utilizes a photojournalistic approach that is non-obtrusive, and regular minutes, for example, pre-wedding arrangements just before strolling down the path.

Levi Roots

The Founder of Reggae Reggae Sauce who came from a very difficult and poor background. But what made Levi Roots special? It wasn’t just his recipe for the sauce! It was the catchy song he made to go with the whole sauce. He started of selling bottles at Carnivals, selling 4,000 bottles made from home. He then became a fame when he entered Dragon’s Den and got a deal with the dragons! Levi Roots, net worth as of 2014 is £35 million. Read his full story.