How To Become Rich – These Books May Help!

There are so many ways to become rich. However if you have a little time, smart thinking and practical knowledge, you can earn from home and get rich slowly. You might not be a millionaire within a month, but you can certainly start something, and see it rocketing in sales or revenue generation. This site focuses on 4 main ways to make money outside normal working life. Books to start your way to being rich can be found here, where you can access the best finance books.


Blogging is now taking over the world, whether it’s VLOG (Video Blogging) or just writing something. For many people, blogging has turned into their day to day diary, writing about what they do, what they did and what are they going to do in the future. However, are you not getting enough traffic on blog? Maybe you should try downloading some of the books here and see. Some of the best books I recommend to download are, HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER, HOW I REPLACED MY DAY JOB WITH MY BLOG. That’s not it, you can also download other books in our books section, which allow you to create a successful blog, because these books contain the best blogging tips!


What is an affiliate? Hmmm. For the small brains out there, if you are an affiliate for a company, it means you are a sales rep for them. You don’t have to do door to door etc. However it’s about selling products from their company via your site or blog. You can download books on affiliate related stuff, the best books I recommend to spark your affiliating skills are, LETS MAKE MONEY WITH AFFILIATE MARKETING, LEARN AFFILIATE MARKETING TO MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET. There are many more books available for people interested in joining an affiliate programme. Find more in our books section.

Social Media

Social Media is about facebook, instagram and other social platforms. Can you make money on Facebook? Can you make money on Instagram? and so on! YES!  You definitely can! Therefore you need knowledge. Hence why I suggest you download and read the books in social media section.

Buy & Sell

What is Buy and Sell? Well Buy and Sell is just a term I used for the visitors that do not understand the term Drop Shipping. So what is drop shipping? Drop shipping is where you buy for cheap from another country and you sell for your price. There are numerous amount of sellers on Amazon and Ebay. They are probably billionaire’s now. If you want to earn a bit of money buy selling goods from abroad in your country, learn it using the downloadable PDF books on our site here.